2013 USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships
Official’s Communiqué #1
May 2nd, 2013

  1. The Race Jury for the 2013 USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships is:
  • Steve Stone - President
  • Dan MacLeod
  • Dave Fowkes
  1. Riders are reminded that bicycles used in ALL events must conform to the current UCI and USAC regulations for mass-start legal bicycles.  These regulations also apply other equipment worn by riders.  Equipment (helmets, shoes, jerseys, shorts, etc.) worn by the rider may not be modified in any manner.
  1. Riders are cautioned about the following course hazards:
  • Saturday Criterium:  There are several surface hazards.  All are well marked.
  • Sunday Road Race:  There is a construction zone just west of the Dam on the large loop at the following distances into the race:
  • Women’s Road Race ~38.6 miles:  Construction Zone
  • Men’s Road Race ~ 55.7 miles
  1. In the Criterium, free laps will end at 5 laps to go.  Riders requiring service may reenter the race after free laps end, but will not receive a free lap.
  1. Feeding during the Road Race will open on the 3rd time through the first feed zone.  And will end once past the second feed zone on Mountain road.

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