2012 USA Cycling National Racing Calendar

2012 National Racing Calendar

Mar. 22-25 Redlands Bicycle ClassicRESULTS Redlands, CA 2.2 M/W
April 15 Tour of the Battenkill - RESULTS Cambridge, NY 1.HC M
Apr. 26-29 Joe Martin Stage Race p/b Nature Valley - RESULTS Fayetteville, AR 2.3 M/W
May 2-6 SRAM Tour of the GilaRESULTS Silver City, NM 2.HC (M)/2.2 (W) M/W
May 24-28 Exergy TourRESULTS Idaho 2.HC W
June 3 Liberty ClassicRESULTS Philadelphia, PA 1.HC W
June 13-17 Nature Valley Grand PrixRESULTS Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 2.1 M/W
July 17-22 Cascade Classic Stage RaceRESULTS Bend, OR 2.2 M/W
Aug. 3-5 Tour of Elk GroveRESULTS Elk Grove, IL 2.3 W
Sept. 15-16 Thompson Bucks County ClassicRESULTS Pennsylvania 1.HC M

This schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.