2012 U.S. Olympic Trials - BMX News Access Guidelines


2012 U.S. Olympic Trials (Men’s BMX)
News Access Guidelines

This is to advise you that NBC Universal, Inc. has acquired the exclusive right in the United States and its territories and possessions, excluding Puerto Rico (the “Broadcast Territory”), to cover the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Men’s BMX (the “BMX Trials”), and to record competitions and/or Trials (practice/training, preliminary, qualifying and final rounds) at the Trials (collectively, “Trials Material”).  Certain Trials Material will appear on the NBC Sports Network on June 23 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm E.T., and other Trials Material may appear on other television, internet, wireless and other platforms owned, controlled by, or licensed by NBC Universal.  These News Access Guidelines apply equally to any Trials Material, regardless of the NBC Universal service on which it is distributed.  Use of Trials Material by any other television entity is permitted only if all the following conditions are satisfied:
  1. Source of Trials Material:  The only permissible source of excerpts of Trials Material for use in the Broadcast Territory is footage that is taped off-air from any NBC Universal television platform.  For the avoidance of doubt, Trials Material excludes announcer descriptions, any other audio elements, feature material and interviews appearing in NBC Universal’s coverage of the Trials, none of which may be used under any circumstances in accordance with these Guidelines.
  2. Non rights-holding media may record interviews with athletes, coaches and officials in designated media interview areas away from the field of play at each Trials event, and such interview footage may be used in accordance with these Guidelines.
  3. Use In News Programs Only:  Excerpts of Trials Material may be used only in regularly scheduled television news programs of which the actual news elements constitute the main feature.  This excludes programming such as news and sports magazines, news promos and updates, entertainment news programs, magazines and features, sports features and other sports programs or “special programs.”  This also excludes all potential distribution via non-television media, including the Internet.  Furthermore, this also excludes any use of excerpts for promotional purposes.  In the case of an all-sports television network, excerpts of Trials Material may be used only as part of the regularly scheduled general sports news programs and are subject to the other limitations herein.
  4. Length of Excerpts of Trials Material:  Excerpts of Trials Material may appear in a maximum of three (3) newscasts per day.  Such excerpts in any single newscast may not exceed two (2) minutes in total.  For the avoidance of doubt, all usage of Trials Material, as well as any usage of permitted interview material (see #1, above), count against the 2-minute limitation set forth herein.
  5. 48-Hour Window:  Excerpts of Trials Material may be used only during the 48-hour period following the time that the use of such excerpts is first permitted under these guidelines.
  6. Courtesy Credit:  The following video credit must be displayed over any excerpts of Trials Material for the duration of the clip: “Courtesy NBC Olympics/USOC”.
The use of certain material obtained at the Trials may be distributed via the Internet only in compliance with the following conditions:
  1. The only type of content obtained at the Trials that may be distributed via the Internet is interviews with participants (e.g., athletes, coaches, officials) (the “Internet Material”).
  2. Internet Material must be captured in designated media interview areas and/or mixed zones, provided that these locations are away from the field of play.
  3. Under no circumstances may any field of play material (e.g., competition or training) be distributed via the Internet.  For the avoidance of doubt, it is prohibited to tape any portion of NBC’s coverage “off-air” and distributed such coverage via the Internet.
  4. The Internet material may not be distributed live.
  5. Under no circumstances can anything that resembles or approximates “coverage” (e.g., race calls or other real-time descriptions and accounts of competition) can be distributed via the Internet.
  6. Although there is no specific limitation with respect to the length and volume of permissible Internet Material, any such distribution should conform with the spirit of the News Access Guidelines generally.
  7. All Internet Material must be removed from the Internet no later than July 27, 2012.
  8. Internet Material must be accompanied by a link to the appropriate sport front on NBCOlympics.com (e.g., http://www.nbcolympics.com/cycling/index.html)

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