2012 Masters Track Nationals conclude with team competitions


Meidhof and Casper worked together to win the Men's 35+ Madison.
Meidhof and Casper worked together to win the Men's 35+ Madison.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 29, 2012) — The 2012 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships wrapped up Sunday, awarding Stars-and-Stripes jerseys in the team pursuit, team sprint and Madison, as well as the best all-around team for the six-day competition.

Team Pursuits

Leading off the day were the 35+ men’s four-kilometer team pursuit. With a time of 4:35.823 and winning by nearly three seconds, the Curse Breakers team of Joshua Frick (Bethesda, Md.), Jason Meidhof (Bethesda, Md.), Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn.) and David Bozak (Duncansville, Penn.) rode to gold.

In the men’s 45+ four-kilometer race, Sofa King Fast Racing lived up to their team name, stopping the clock slightly more than nine seconds ahead of Team Colorado. Earning the Stars-and-Stripes were Kenneth Williams (Kenmore, Wash.), Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.), Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Chris Carlson (Plano, Texas).

Chamb Black Coaching earned the men’s 55+ three-kilometer title. The foursome of Robert Black (Alachua, Fla.), James Host (Plainfield, Ill.), Paul Schuler (Fort Collins, Colo.) and Carl Westergren (Jacksonville, Fla.) posted a time of 3:36.7.

Rounding out the men’s team pursuits was the 65+ three-kilometer competition, won by the Cranksters team of Gary Bridges (San Carlos, Calif.), Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, Calif.), Jerry Shafer (Seattle, Wash.) and Michael Williams (Metairie, La.).

Two individual pursuit champions from earlier in the week, Neva Day (Manhattan Beach, Calif.) and Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.), were joined by Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.) to form the women’s 35+ three-kilometer team winning team. Their squad of Slalom Consulting beat runner-up Naked Pro Design by more than seven seconds.

It was Team SageMarilyn Trout (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Charlotte Miller (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Peg Labiuk (Orange, Conn.) – coming out on top in the women’s 45+ three-kilometer team pursuit over the Nesting Dolls.

Due to a restructuring of the age groups for the event, all team pursuit times set new national records.

Team Sprints

It was a tight race for the top three spots in the men’s 35+ team sprint. Pulling out the win was the George Garner Cyclery team of Kevin Perez (South Barrington, Ill.), Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill.) and Jeffrey Whiteman (Chicago, Ill.) with a time of 1:05.123. Coming in a close second was Atomic USA at 1:05.560, just edging EW Connection’s time of 1:05.686.

Brinton Technik, made up of Joel Bertet (Los Angeles, Calif.), David Brinton (North Hollywood, Calif.) and David Klipper (Portland, Ore.), rode to victory in the men’s 45+ team sprint. Team Specialized was runner-up.

Bill Ziegler (Oceanside, Calif.), Steven Sawelson (Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.) and Kurt Sato (San Pedro, Calif.) bonded together to form the Out on Bail crew, which posted a 1:08.502 to escape with the men’s 55+ gold, narrowly edging the 96er’s by two-tenths of a second.

With multiple titles between them, the trio of Jerry Woodruff (Seal Beach, Calif.), Victor Copeland (Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.) and Lawrence Bosch (Fort Collins, Colo.) paced WBC to the win in the men’s 65+ team sprint ahead of J Squared R.

In the women’s 35+ team sprint, the N.E. Kim’s? team of Kimberly Edwards (Clinton, Conn.) and Kimberly Nuffer (Denver, Colo.) earned the win ahead of the Slalom Consulting squad of Jane Evely and Annette Williams, who had earlier been part of the women’s 35+ team pursuit winning team.

Phillips and Johnson won the women's 45+ team sprint with a time of 50.184.
Phillips and Johnson won the women's 45+ team sprint with a time of 50.184.

Gea Johnson (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and Christine Phillips (Chandler, Ariz.) teamed up for AZ ABC and won their third title each. Runner-up in the women’s 45+ team sprint was the Hammer Nutrition team of Renee Schroeder (Nederland, Colo.) and Tara Unverzagt (Torrance, Calif.)


The Madison capped off the week’s racing. In the men’s 35+ race, the Breakers of the Curse team of Daniel Casper and Jason Meidhof, who earlier in the day were part of the men’s 35+ team pursuit champs, won all four sprint laps in the 60-lap contest to take the win. Following in second was the Stages/Ronin two-some of David McIntosh (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Patrick Warner (Boulder, Colo.).

An exciting men’s 45+ race came down to the final sprint for the line, with Chris Carlson (Plano, TX/TRH) and Curtis Tolson (Louisville, KY/TRH) earning the win over the Guinness Cycling team of David Brinton (North Hollywood, Calif.) and David Klipper (Portland, Ore.). With only two points separating the teams heading into the final lap, Guinness Cycling had the lead coming around the final corner, but the TRH rider hit the acceleration and crossed the line first to secure the five points and the national championship.

Full results, photos, past daily wrap-ups, and more, can be found on the Masters Track Nationals event page.


2012 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships
July 24-29, 2012
7-Eleven Velodrome — Colorado Springs, Colorado

Men 35+ 4-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Joshua Frick (Bethesda, MD/CURSE BREAKERS) 04:35.8
1. Jason Meidhof (Bethesda, MD/CURSE BREAKERS) 04:35.8
1. Daniel Casper (Northfield, MN/CURSE BREAKERS) 04:35.8
1. David Bozak (Duncansville, PA/CURSE BREAKERS) 04:35.8
2. Keith Ketterer (Camarillo, CA/TEAM SOCAL) 04:38.7
2. Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, CA/TEAM SOCAL) 04:38.7
2. Jonathan Davy (Torrance, CA/TEAM SOCAL) 04:38.7
2. Kurt Broadhag (Los Angeles, CA/TEAM SOCAL) 04:38.7
3. James Flynn (Port Orchard, WA/SCHADENFREUDE) 04:51.3
3. Daryl Hemenway (Portland, OR/SCHADENFREUDE) 04:51.3
3. Guy Tucker (Bellingham, WA/SCHADENFREUDE) 04:51.3
3. Jeromy Cottell (Redwood City, CA/SCHADENFREUDE) 04:51.3
4. Matthew Haldeman (Mountlake Terrace, WA/3 SLALOMS & A GARAGE) 04:52.4
4. E Eric Johnson (Seattle, WA/3 SLALOMS & A GARAGE) 04:52.4
4. Aaron Berntson (Port Orchard, WA/3 SLALOMS & A GARAGE) 04:52.4
4. Peter Baughman (Carnation, WA/3 SLALOMS & A GARAGE) 04:52.4
5. Craig Jones (Katy, TX/TEAM SEA LEVEL) 05:06.0
5. Ted Kicey (Houston, TX/TEAM SEA LEVEL) 05:06.0
5. Spencer Moak (Katy, TX/TEAM SEA LEVEL) 05:06.0
5. Edgar Nunnelly (Houston, TX/TEAM SEA LEVEL) 05:06.0

Men 45+ 4-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Kenneth Williams (Kenmore, WA/SOFA KING FAST RACIN) 04:36.8
1. Curtis Tolson (Louisville, KY/SOFA KING FAST RACIN) 04:36.8
1. Dean Peterson (Indianapolis, IN/SOFA KING FAST RACIN) 04:36.8
1. Chris Carlson (Plano, TX/SOFA KING FAST RACIN) 04:36.8
2. Victor Williams (Lonetree, CO/TEAM COLORADO) 04:46.2
2. Joseph Paulson (Boulder, CO/TEAM COLORADO) 04:46.2
2. Kevin Nicol (Lafayette, CO/TEAM COLORADO) 04:46.2
2. Patrick Larabee D.C. (Longmont, CO/TEAM COLORADO) 04:46.2
3. Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, CA/TEAM SPLZD PURSUIT) 04:47.4
3. Clark Natwick (San Mateo, CA/TEAM SPLZD PURSUIT) 04:47.4
3. Bubba Melcher (Reno, NV/TEAM SPLZD PURSUIT) 04:47.4
3. Donald Langley (Morgan Hill, CA/TEAM SPLZD PURSUIT) 04:47.4
4. Taylor Fenstermacher (Redondo Beach, CA/TEAM SPY) 04:49.8
4. Mikael Weitze (Long Beach, CA/TEAM SPY) 04:49.8
4. John Walsh (Playa Del Rey, CA/TEAM SPY) 04:49.8
4. Joe Kolling (Newport Beach, CA/TEAM SPY) 04:49.8
5. Ross Tinline (San Carlos, CA/TEAM HELLYER 1) 04:53.9
5. Stanley Terusaki (Livermore, CA/TEAM HELLYER 1) 04:53.9
5. Andrew Nevitt (Saratoga, CA/TEAM HELLYER 1) 04:53.9
5. Dave Maminski (Campbell, CA/TEAM HELLYER 1) 04:53.9

Men 55+ 3-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Robert Black (Alachua, FL/CHAMB BLACK COACHING) 03:36.7
1. James Host (Plainfield, IL/CHAMB BLACK COACHING) 03:36.7
1. Paul Schuler (Fort Collins, CO/CHAMB BLACK COACHING) 03:36.7
1. Carl Westergren (Jacksonville, FL/CHAMB BLACK COACHING) 03:36.7
2. Paul Mack (Longmont, CO/BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS) 03:38.8
2. Barry Messmer (Fort Collins, CO/BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS) 03:38.8
2. Steven Worley (Boulder, CO/BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS) 03:38.8
2. Gerald Greenleaf (Boulder, CO/BOULDER ORTHOPEDICS) 03:38.8
3. Warren Keyser (Huntington Beach, CA/RUSTY IRON) 03:47.9
3. Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, CA/RUSTY IRON) 03:47.9
3. Ricky Shorts (Long Beach, CA/RUSTY IRON) 03:47.9
3. Alan Wignall (Los Alamitos, CA/RUSTY IRON) 03:47.9

Men 65+ 3-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Gary Bridges (San Carlos, CA/CRANKSTERS) 03:54.3
1. Jack Kelso (Pleasanton, CA/CRANKSTERS) 03:54.3
1. Jerry Shafer (Seattle, WA/CRANKSTERS) 03:54.3
1. Michael Williams (Metairie, LA/CRANKSTERS) 03:54.3
2. Sydney Duck (Agoura Hills, CA/MEDICARE PLUS) 04:19.8
2. Mike MacDonald (Rancho Cordova, CA/MEDICARE PLUS) 04:19.8
2. Leo Menestrina (San Jose, CA/MEDICARE PLUS) 04:19.8
2. Fran Rudy (Ooltewah, TN/MEDICARE PLUS) 04:19.8

Women 35+ 3-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Neva Day (Manhattan Beach, CA/SLALOM CONSULTING) 03:52.8
1. Jane Evely (Carnation, WA/SLALOM CONSULTING) 03:52.8
1. Annette Williams (Kenmore, WA/SLALOM CONSULTING) 03:52.8
2. Vera Divenyi (Denver, CO/NAKED PRO DESIGN) 04:00.3
2. Ingrid Alongi (Boulder, CO/NAKED PRO DESIGN) 04:00.3
2. Therese Johnson (Denver, CO/NAKED PRO DESIGN) 04:00.3
3. Renee' Fenstermacher (Redondo Beach, CA/SBB'S) 04:24.4
3. Monika King (Hermosa Beach, CA/SBB'S) 04:24.4
3. Melanie Phillips (Redondo Beach, CA/SBB'S) 04:24.4
4. Sile Kiernan (Marysville, WA/BROADMARK CAPITAL) 04:27.2
4. Jennifer Lill (Seattle, WA/BROADMARK CAPITAL) 04:27.2
4. Tamara Stephas (Seattle, WA/BROADMARK CAPITAL) 04:27.2

Women 45+ 3-kilometer Team Pursuit
1. Marilyn Trout (Colorado Springs, CO/TEAM SAGE) 04:13.3
1. Charlotte Miller (Colorado Springs, CO/TEAM SAGE) 04:13.3
1. Peg Labiuk (Orange, CT/TEAM SAGE) 04:13.3
2. Catherine Nicoletti (Louisville, CO/NESTING DOLLS) 04:23.6
2. Karen Fienberg (Longmont, CO/NESTING DOLLS) 04:23.6
2. Sandy Mercurio (Boulder, CO/NESTING DOLLS) 04:23.6

Men 35+ Team Sprint
1. Kevin Perez (South Barrington, IL/GEORGE GARNER CYCLERY) 01:05.1
1. Jason Garner (Glenview, IL/GEORGE GARNER CYCLERY) 01:05.1
1. Jeffrey Whiteman (Chicago, IL/GEORGE GARNER CYCLERY) 01:05.1
2. Andrew Weathers (Houston, TX/ATOMIC USA) 01:05.6
2. Todd Hayes (Ann Arbor, MI/ATOMIC USA) 01:05.6
2. Kirk Whiteman (Portland, OR/ATOMIC USA) 01:05.6
3. Wesley Pierce (Seattle, WA/EW CONNECTION) 01:05.7
3. Kenneth Williams (Kenmore, WA/EW CONNECTION) 01:05.7
3. Andrew LaCorte (Whitehouse Station, NJ/EW CONNECTION) 01:05.7
4. Thomas Valentine (Irvine, CA/SOCAL SPRINT) 01:07.0
4. Daniel Reback (Long Beach, CA/SOCAL SPRINT) 01:07.0
4. Jonathan Davy (Torrance, CA/SOCAL SPRINT) 01:07.0
5. Paul Malenke (Granite Bay, CA/TEAM HENRY) 01:07.3
5. Carleton Hall (Atlanta, GA/TEAM HENRY) 01:07.3
5. David Broekema (San Francisco, CA/TEAM HENRY) 01:07.3

Men 45+ Team Sprint
1. Joel Bertet (Los Angeles, CA/BRINTON TECHNIK) 01:05.7
1. David Brinton (North Hollywood, CA/BRINTON TECHNIK) 01:05.7
1. David Klipper (Portland, OR/BRINTON TECHNIK) 01:05.7
2. Tim Bengston (San Jose, CA/TEAM SPECIALIZED) 01:07.9
2. Donald Langley (Morgan Hill, CA/TEAM SPECIALIZED) 01:07.9
2. Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, CA/TEAM SPECIALIZED) 01:07.9
3. Ted Kicey (Houston, TX/S. HAMMER TIME) 01:08.158
3. Patrick Larabee D.C. (Longmont, CO/S. HAMMER TIME) 01:08.158
3. Mark Pelletier (Woodland Park, CO/S. HAMMER TIME) 01:08.158
4. Joaquin Kiley (Detroit, MI/WOLVERINE HAMMER) 01:08.2
4. Michael Paulin (Aurora, CO/WOLVERINE HAMMER) 01:08.2
4. Kenneth Rodriguez (Denver, CO/WOLVERINE HAMMER) 01:08.2
5. Ron Good (Naperville, IL/TEAM CHICAGO) 01:10.1
5. Joseph Paulson (Boulder, CO/TEAM CHICAGO) 01:10.1
5. Voytek Glinkowski (Buffalo Grove, IL/TEAM CHICAGO) 01:10.1

Men 55+ Team Sprint
1. Bill Ziegler (Oceanside, CA/OUT ON BAIL) 01:08.5
1. Steven Sawelson (Rolling Hills Estates, CA/OUT ON BAIL) 01:08.5
1. Kurt Sato (San Pedro, CA/OUT ON BAIL) 01:08.5
2. Richard Voss (Littleton, CO/96ER'S) 01:08.7
2. Aron Seiken (Ft Worth, TX/96ER'S) 01:08.7
2. James Host (Plainfield, IL/96ER'S) 01:08.7
3. William Byatt (Albuquerque, NM/DESERT BOULDER FORENSICS) 01:13.2
3. Gerald Greenleaf (Boulder, CO/DESERT BOULDER FORENSICS) 01:13.2
3. Michael Gilb (Albuquerque, NM/DESERT BOULDER FORENSICS) 01:13.2
4. John Fitzgerald (Santa Ana, CA/TOO OLD) 01:18.2
4. Carl Grove (Bristol, IN/TOO OLD) 01:18.2
4. Bruce Gordon (South Bend, IN/TOO OLD) 01:18.2

Men 65+ Team Sprint
1. Jerry Woodruff (Seal Beach, CA/WBC) 01:12.4
1. Victor Copeland (Rancho Santa Fe, CA/WBC) 01:12.4
1. Lawrence Bosch (Fort Collins, CO/WBC) 01:12.4
2. James Murdock (Loveland, CO/J SQUARED R) 01:13.4
2. James Martins (Houston, TX/J SQUARED R) 01:13.4
2. Ronald Hargrave (Colorado Springs, CO/J SQUARED R) 01:13.4
3. Sydney Duck (Agoura Hills, CA/OLD DUDES) 01:14.5
3. Leo Menestrina (San Jose, CA/OLD DUDES) 01:14.5
3. Fran Rudy (Ooltewah, TN/OLD DUDES) 01:14.5
4. Mike MacDonald (Rancho Cordova, CA/BVL) 01:19.2
4. Earl Henry (Pinellas Park, FL/BVL) 01:19.2
4. Michael Howard (Brooklyn, NY/BVL) 01:19.2
5. Terry Dutton (La Jolla, CA/EDDIE B TEAM) 01:19.6
5. Robert Kenner (San Diego, CA/EDDIE B TEAM) 01:19.6
5. Ray Lafleur (San Diego, CA/EDDIE B TEAM) 01:19.6

Women 35+ Team Sprint
1. Kimberly Edwards (Clinton, CT/N.E KIMS?) 49.423
1. Kimberly Nuffer (Denver, CO/N.E KIMS?) 49.423
2. Jane Evely (Carnation, WA/SLALOM CONSULTIN) 51.27
2. Annette Williams (Kenmore, WA/SLALOM CONSULTIN) 51.27
3. Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, GA/C&C SPRINTING) 51.345
3. Carol Kauder (Boulder, CO/C&C SPRINTING) 51.345
4. Ingrid Alongi (Boulder, CO/NAKED WOMEN) 52.689
4. Vera Divenyi (Denver, CO/NAKED WOMEN) 52.689
5. Shannon Moak (Katy, TX/HOUSTON ONE) 52.949
5. Cindi Vargas (Humble, TX/HOUSTON ONE) 52.949

Women 45+ Team Sprint
1. Gea Johnson (Scottsdale, AZ/AZ ABC) 50.184
1. Christine Phillips (Chandler, AZ/AZ ABC) 50.184
2. Renee Schroeder (Nederland, CO/H. NUTRITION) 51.951
2. Tara Unverzagt (Torrance, CA/H. NUTRITION) 51.951
3. Tamara Stephas (Seattle, WA/BROADMARK CAPITAL) 53.197
3. Karen Claeys (Seattle, WA/BROADMARK CAPITAL) 53.197
4. Peg Labiuk (Orange, CT/SAGE RIDERS) 53.948
4. Marilyn Trout (Colorado Springs, CO/SAGE RIDERS) 53.948
5. Renee' Fenstermacher (Redondo Beach, CA/SERENITY NOW) 54.239
5. Monika King (Hermosa Beach, CA/SERENITY NOW) 54.239

Men 35+ 20-kilometer Madison
1. Daniel Casper (Northfield, MN/BREAKERS OF THE CURSE) 20
1. Jason Meidhof (Bethesda, MD/BREAKERS OF THE CURSE) 20
2. David McIntosh (Colorado Springs, CO/STAGES/RONIN) 10
2. Patrick Warner (Boulder, CO/STAGES/RONIN) 10
3. Jonathan Davy (Torrance, CA/IRONFLY) -12
3. Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, CA/IRONFLY) -12
4. Gregory Pent (Boulder, CO/ROCKY MT IZZIES) -17
4. Keith Harper (Boulder, CO/ROCKY MT IZZIES) -17
5. Daryl Hemenway (Portland, OR/NORTHWEST) -57
5. Guy Tucker (Bellingham, WA/NORTHWEST) -57

Men 45+ 20-kilometer Madison
1. Chris Carlson (Plano, TX/TRH) 18
1. Curtis Tolson (Louisville, KY/TRH) 18
2. David Brinton (North Hollywood, CA/GUINNESS CYCLING) 14
2. David Klipper (Portland, OR/GUINNESS CYCLING) 14
3. Lawrence Nolan (Fremont, CA/GOING POSTAL) 8
3. Glen Winkel (Colorado Springs, CO/GOING POSTAL) 8
4. Donald Langley (Morgan Hill, CA/SCAR TISSUE) 4
4. Andrew Nevitt (Saratoga, CA/SCAR TISSUE) 4
5. E Eric Johnson (Seattle, WA/SLALOM CONSULTING) -40
5. Jerry Shafer (Seattle, WA/SLALOM CONSULTING) -40

Best All-Around Team: Boulder Orthopedics

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