2012 USA Cycling Elite Track Nationals Communique 1


2012 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships
September 26-30, 2012
VELO Sports Center, Carson, CA
General Information

1.     All events will be run according to current UCI regulations, published event formats, and information in the communiqués.

2.     NUMBERS MUST BE WORN ACCORDING TO THE TABLE BELOW, and may not be trimmed or folded.  Riders presenting themselves at the line without the proper numbers, with their numbers trimmed, or with their numbers folded may have their start refused and may be subject to a fine of up to $100.
Event Numbers to be worn
Sprint Qualifying 2 hip numbers
Individual Pursuit 1 large number (center of back)
Team Pursuit (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back)
Kilometer/500 meter TT 1 large number (center of back)
Team Sprint (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back)
Match Sprints/Keirin 2 hip numbers
Points Race 2 hip numbers
Madison 2 hip numbers
For races where 2 hip numbers are required, they must be placed so that one hip number is on the left side positioned for the photo finish and the other number positioned for the spectators.

3.     Rider heats and competitions will be published and announced.  Riders may not delay competition (not reporting as scheduled or taking too much time to get ready).  If you plan to scratch from an event you have entered, you must do so prior to the start of the session. 

4.     For those events where seeding is based on a timed qualification, riders withdrawing after qualifications and before the first heats are established will be replaced by the next fastest rider.  Riders withdrawing from competition after the composition of the first heats (time qualification) will be fined $50.

5.     Bicycles of all riders must be checked prior to taking the track for their event(s).  Riders will be required to present their bicycle before each competition/heat.  Please ensure that you present your bicycle to the equipment check area with adequate time prior to your start.  Riders are reminded that the minimum permissible weight for a bicycle is 6.8 kg. The front of traditional handle bars may not extend more than 5 cm beyond the front axle (UCI reg. 1.3.022).

6.     In accordance with international competition, riders will receive only one warning before being disqualified.  This warning and disqualification is relative to one specific competition only.  Depending on the gravity of the fault, a rider may be disqualified without warning.  A relegation also carries the weight of a warning.

7.     Riders may have only one coach on the track apron during any event.  In mass start events, coaches must stay off the apron and inside the fence along with all equipment.

8.     Onsite registration with USA Cycling must be completed by noon the day before the event in which the rider is entering.

9.     Team event confirmation must be completed with the rider registration by the end of the morning session the day before the event in which the team is riding.  Team composition is governed by UCI regulations.

10.   All announcements for the 2012 USA Cycling Elite Track National Cycling Championships will be published on the USA Cycling website (http://www.usacycling.org//2012/elite-track-nationals).

11.   Infield passes are required for entry and are available at registration for $20. Riders may enter the infield by showing both rider numbers.

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